new easy open end Tab

Advantages of Anchor EOE

Optimized opening when opening the Easy Open End:

– Use of two fingers to pull, allowing more force to be applied in a modulated manner.

– Significant advantages in terms of efficiency and comfort.

Improved Efficiency and Comfort

– Two-finger opening for modulated application of more force.

– Beneficial in fast opening situations or with low can heights.

Risk Reduction

– Less effort and controlled mechanism reduce cutting risks.

– Safer opening minimizing the possibility of accidents.


– Wide grip without finger size limitations.

– Accessible for people with large or small fingers.

– Uniform experience for all consumers, regardless of physical characteristics.

Market Differentiation

– Innovative shape improves functionality and attracts attention.

– It stands out at the point of sale, contributing to consumer preference.

Procedure for Acquiring the Innovative AnchorEOE

Manufacture this Easy Open End in your company

You have the option to license the patent which will allow you to manufacture and market AnchorEOE independently for your clientele.

I want to buy AnchorEOE

We facilitate the connections with the current companies specialized in the manufacture of cans or Easy Open End with AnchorEOE, making possible the acquisition of these products for your company.

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